Career: Eliana Sanchez Arteaga was born on 1977 in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. At the age of nine she started dancing Argentine folklore at Escuela José Neglia de Morón. During these years she took part in various stage performances under the supervision of director Héctor Aricó. After she start in the world music singing in choral activity.
She discovered the world of tango when she was 17 years old  in the milonguero style With Mariela Lizarza and Juan Cantone. after 3 years she started the explore between style of tango  she took a lesson with a lot of teachers, discovered the different bibles and opposite concept between them. But some of this teacher they give to her the special  flavour  in  qualities  técnic/music in tango. She liked took classes with a wide range of as she strived to perfect herself in tango:Gabriel Angio and Natalia Games, Horacio Godoy, Valencia Batiuk, Damian Essell y Nancy Lousan, Martín Ojeda, Alejandra Martiñan, Geraldine Rojas and Javier Rodriguez, Carla Marano, Melina Brufman, Roberto Herrera  German Cornejo and Claudio Gonzalez
Since the year 2000 she has been teaching at in different tango studio  of Buenos Aires like Mora Godoy, studio Beba Bidart, Monica Souto, la escuela Argentina de tango and la Viruta tango the more big tango school of the world.
Eliana is well known for her technical workshops and the Adornments for Women workshop.
As a professional dancer she performed in shows and events for businesses and official institutions. She also presented herself in various milongas such as La Barranca, El Viento Norte, Dandi en Mundo Árabe Bendita milonga, Maldita milonga, La pipetuá, Centro cultural Lola Mora, Canning y Sunderland.
She was member of the Mora Godoy Tango Company, Participated in the company of famous dancer Juan Carlos Copes in the show tango copes Tango. She was an assistant and dancer of the company Arrabaleros directed by Martin Ojeda y Johana copes making performance in milongas and theaters.
Her restlessness as a teacher made her decide to create, together with Martín Ojeda the Estudio Mora Godoy Ballet in the year 2002 in which she could express all her talents as a teacher and choreographer. From.this year she create different group for help to the dancer become a tango show dancer.
In 2003 she toured Europe giving workshops and demonstrations in different milongas and organización in Amsterdam, and Utrecht (Holland), Cornwall(England), Sofía (Bulgari), Athens (Greece), Patras Volos, Tesalónica, Darmstadt, Roma(Italy), Perugia, Osnabrück(Germany), Würzburg, Stuttgart, Tübingen, Man haim, Berlin, Koln, Oslo (Norway), Lisbon (Portugal), Barcelona ( Spain), London England y París (France).
In the same year she was invited to participate in the young group of the National Academy of Tango in order to address the repercussions of its objectives in the new generations of each era of national life and also intellectually and emotionally prepare their future academic.

In 2007 has been invited to participate as a judge in the World Tango Festival in France in the city of Metz. And also in 2008 has been invited to Martin Ojeda, to be judge and give workshops at the International Tango Festival of Medellin and in the same year in the world tango championship based in Cali.
Since 2009 leads a training group Tango dancers: La revuelta Tango, working with renowned choreographers such as. Martin Ojeda, Juan Malizia, Alejandro Chavez, Estanislao Herrera, Claudio González y Javier y Vanina  performing in theaters and milongas of Buenos Aires.
Participated Shanghai Expo 2010 in China and Yeosu Expo 2012 in Korea with the sub secretary of culture Argentine government.
In the same year was part of the choreographers in the show “Eva un recorrido”.
In 2013 and 2014 was invited to teach in Australia, Hong Kong, Europe, and Japan.