Technique class

Friday 19.30

6floor, 180-182 Henessy road, Jason Dance studio

Wan chai, Hong Kong



Why should I take the ladies technique class?

A technique class can help you take your tango to the next level:

  • You want to follow well — but not just be a car — you want put your personality in the dance
  • You want to play the cute leg games that you saw in the milonga
  • You want to play with your sensuality and feminity in dance
  • You want to develop a sensual embrace
  • You want to look elegant

…or, for more prosaic reasons, if you find yourself:

  • Always going out with the wrong leg
  • Always lose stability in the same place
  • At the parada you never know what to do
  • You know what you want to do but always lose the opportunity
  • You do not know how to convey your musicality
  • Your hands arms shoulders are very tight
  • …your partner complains!

And of course, the world of tango is huge and full of information; there is always something more to learn.

The best response for the follower depends on the lead and where you generate the movement.  If the body can generate movement from different points, our body language is expanded and our dance can connect with more dancers.

To develop all these things, we need space with ourself.   Our individual practice will help communication between the couple, without losing our personality and the enjoyment of our tango.

For that, we need to work on the self-awareness of the body and train our best response.  The only way to imprint good technique is by consistent practice of the same exercises.

Once we can perform the exercises well, we then explore to find the best quality until it becomes simple and natural in the body.

You just have to be provided the opportunity, to find something new, and improve in time with dedication and patience.  A ladies’ technique class can provide you with this opportunity.