Monday class 20.45 is held at the Amico Studio, 2/F, 167-169 Hennessy Road, Wanchai. Level Intermadiate-Advance.

Tuesday  class  19.30 is held at the Jason Dance Studio, 6/F, 180-182 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai. Level Beginner.

Tuesday class 20.45 is held at  the Jason Dance Studio, 6/F,180-182 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai Level Beginner -Intermediate.


Tango salon; tango urquiza; tango milonguero; tango de centro; tango nuevo; stage tango… in the past twenty years Argentine Tango fragmented into many styles with technique that can be contradictory.  I choose to dance an universal Tango, a tango that can communicate with all the dancers, and a tango that can express all the feelings that the orchestra provoke in me.

Tango salon, for me, is a spontaneous communication between music and dancers.wrapeed in the Abrazo.

To achieve that we need to refine our movements through practice and experience; this is how the great milongueros who left us their legacies were made.

My exploration of the tango was found diversity among milongueros / dancers / teachers each gave me something that allowed me to find a language where I connect with different orchestras and dancers, although many techniques are contradictory, thanks to the  nature if all we dance the same, it would be very boring !.
The work I do is give our opportunity to find expression through music and dance, everyone in the class differs depending music has left his soul looking for the best quality of style.
For that you need to explore the basic concepts such as:
Sensitivity of receiving and giving hands work together torso arm and dissociation

We can know many sequences but for good improvisation sometimes need to have more general concepts such as:

Lineal transfers, lane changes, weight changes
Circular transfers, chains, chainging  front
Pauses suspend walk, close the steps
Dynamic changes voleos giros ganchos ornaments
Cortes speed-density, and calm-reaction

Constant practice and experience have given us the best quality dance that we see in the great Milongueros / Tango dancers
It is interesting to see how the dance of some Milongueros has transcended our times, they can appreciate the perfect combination of communication creativity elegance and musicality Cadencia: taste for spontaneous selection at the  best move at the right time music.
Each month the program will be renewed, but will repeat a class uniting the concepts worked the previous month.